Winter Skin and Hair Upkeep Tips

Harsh winds and lower temperatures of winter can really take a toll on your skin. Sometimes, the typical lotion routine doesn’t cut it when it comes to dry, cracked skin.

Dry skin face mask:

-Blend 1 tsp. of  Olive oil and 1 egg until creamy, apply to face, wait 20 mins, then wash off.

Red nose remedy:

-After coming inside from the cold, apply a warm compress.

-Instead of rubbing your runny nose, dab it.

-Apply lotion or ointment to red/painful chapped areas.

Cracked feet remedy:

-Soak: 2 cups hydrogen peroxide, 2 cups of hot water, pumice stone, lotion, socks

-Slather the feet with Vaseline and cover with socks while you sleep.

Chapped lips scrub:

-Mix one part honey, one part brown sugar, one part coconut oil (optional) and scrub lips thoroughly. Rinse with warm water and apply Chapstick.

Healthier hair mask:

Blend 2 eggs, ½ cup yogurt, ½ cup honey, and ½ cup olive oil in a bowl until creamy. Dampen and comb hair, being sure to remove all knots.  Apply mask from root to tip, combing it in for an even spread. Let the mask set for 20 mins, then rinse in cool water.