Wrestling Team’s Thoughts On Sherando

The Pioneer wrestling team competed in a dual meet at Sherando High School. This was the second time the Millbrook wrestling team faced Sherando this season.  Before the meet, Coach Holmes said, “Sherando is well coached and solid competition.” However, he expected Millbrook to do their best and if they do, then winning will take care of itself. The wrestling team has beaten Sherando this season the first time they met on December 9, 2016.

Mr. Holmes feels the team is going into the meet confident, although facing hardships like illnesses. He wants to keep the starters a secret so Sherando can’t expect anything. Since the team has beaten Sherando already he doesn’t think the team has an advantage because, as Coach Holmes stated wrestling is a sport that changes daily. Athletes may peak one day and then have an off day. We can just hope that everyone is on-point tonight.  He says the team is “balanced and it has excellent leadership and is experienced” Coach Holmes expects the team to do their best, and try to get bonus points and not give them up.

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