X-Com: Enemy Unknown Review

X-Com: Enemy Unknown is a turn-based tactical role-playing game, made by Firaxis Games, where the player plays as the unseen commander of a military group dedicated to defending humanity against aliens. This game is not meant for children and has violence, gore, and some inappropriate language. This game has single and multi-player game modes, as well as a permadeath function.


In single player, the player will be given different objectives and tasks to do in order to keep support from the multiple different countries in the world. These objectives require the player to research different items that the player comes across on the missions, and building facilities to help expand the player’s coverage and power. As the player progresses through the story, the aliens get progressively stronger and harder to take down. In multiplayer, the player battles against another player, one team is human while the other is alien.


The permadeath function in the game makes any and every loss in the game feel so damaging. It also tends to aggravate those who constantly forget to save their game or those who think they will be fine not saving. There is another function of the game that causes many players strife, this function is called Random Results. The Random Results function makes it so that if the player reloads a game-save any events that may have occurred will now be changed.


X-Com: Enemy Unknown is the original, but it also has some DLC that can be purchased to add more to the game. X-Com: Enemy Within is the biggest DLC that adds completely new functions and missions to the game. One of these things that this DLC adds to the game is an object called Meld, this item can only be retrieved from certain missions. As the player gathers more Meld, it can be used to give gene modifications to the soldiers as well as make other soldiers into mecha-troopers.


This game is definitely good at keeping players attention and making them very aware of saving. It also keeps the player on their toes making them prepared for anything that could come their way. This is a great game for anyone who enjoys strategy games and an even greater game for those who enjoy futuristic action games.