Young Justice: Comeback!

Young justice is making a comeback. After two seasons on the Cartoon Network, the show was canceled because of how the toys sold. That upset the fandom, so they got the hashtag out to help bring it back. They also signed a petition. Warner Brothers Studio said they are bring it back for the loyal fanbase and for new viewers.

Now come the questions. Will they keep the same voice actors? What will be the theme for the season? Will they revive Wally like they did on the show? Will the show air on Cartoon Network? There are so many questions the fans want answer to. The biggest one would be when is the show airing. The only picture they released said coming soon.

The previous season showed what happened five years later. Will they do the same in the third season or continue from season one? They planned out season two knowing the show was canceled, so that could affect how they can continue the show. Also the creator is telling the fans to stop suggesting ideas for the show because they can’t use it because of copyright law. The creators have ideas and will use them. To catch up on season one and two, Netflix is the place to go.

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Tiffany Eastridge
Tiffany Marie Becker Eastridge is an 18 year old senior at Millbrook High School. She has one best friend, Haley, and they have been best friends since fourth grade. Tiffany loves to read teen fiction books and watch anime, movies and tv shows.