YouTuber That Deserves Recognition

Nathan Zed (TheThirdPew) is an eighteen year old Ethiopian, East African, YouTuber and Viner. Nathan posted his first YouTube video, Annoying StereoTypes, on December 3rd, 2011. He lives in Virginia and will be attending Virginia Tech starting this fall.

Nathan doesn’t post videos regularly, as he wants to focus more on his school work. In most of his videos, he uses satire to get his message across to other teens. He’ll make jokes with a purpose and to lighten the mood a bit. Nathan does that because once a person starts “preaching,” people will start to lose interest in the subject. He considers himself a YouTuber who isn’t afraid to comment on certain issues. He also isn’t afraid to call certain people out if they did something plain stupid.  Nathan speaks up on issues on which he thinks he is more educated, and people who just ignore many issues make him worried for them. He does understand that some people get uncomfortable with controversial topics, but just a simple re-tweet or share can help spread awareness.

After 18 years of self-hatred, Nathan has recently started to love who he is and his heritage. He wants to show his pride to create a “domino effect”. By doing this, if someone who isn’t accepting of themselves, sees he is happy being who he is, and realize that they too should love who they are. Other people would then see how that person is content with themselves, spreading the confidence to appreciate who you are. Nathan wants people to know that they should love themselves regardless of what society says. He doesn’t mean just race, but also gender, sexuality, and etc. He celebrates the black community and their beauty because they get put down for it. When he discovers a funny and good person of color, he tries to promote them because there aren’t many people of different races represented in the “mainstream” media. At Vidcon 2015, Nathan Zed says, “I’m not just proud to be black. I’m proud to be black in a world that tells me I shouldn’t be proud.”

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Sabrina Castillo
Sabrina is a Junior. She loves to listen to music and talking to her close friends.